First Edition: Kids Are Welcome


First Edition at Novotel Canberra has embraced the Canberra foodie scene since its launch last year.  And now they are embracing children.

Once a month, on a Monday, First Edition now has a special Kids High Tea event geared at babies up to five years old and their mother, parent, grandparents or carer. So adults can sit back with a glass of champagne, or a coffee or two, and maybe even manage a bit of adult conversation, while your kids enjoy and explore.  And you can do it in style.

I was privileged to be invited to attend the first opening event, an Easter themed high tea.  Kids were engrossed in colouring in, getting their faces painted, and playing games led by a costume dressed bunny.



And there was even a cute little throne to perch your kidlets on so that you could take a photo of them. (I love taking photos of my kids and bragging about it on social media, you know, Fakebooking so that I can pretend that my kids are adorable all the time.)




Food was the usual party pies, quiches and chicken nuggets (my five year-old’s favourite), plus some cutesy Easter themed treats.  There was also a lovely antipasto plate featuring some adult style nibbles – I loved the pastrami and the dukkah with olive oil.






The launch I attended was the first, but not the last of the series.  The April event will welcome little Princesses and Princes (one of the staff already has an Elsa Frozen outfit all ready and waiting).  The May event will allow mums to be pampered for Mother’s Day – they might even get hand massages from their kids.


What I noticed is that the staff at First Edition, including their lovely executive chef Jennie Tressler are all so excited about the special kids events.  This is definitely not a place where kids are ‘just tolerated – there is space for the kids to be a bit mischievous, to make a bit of mess, and to explore out.  While there are fun things to do, I also found it surprisingly chilled – and there is enough wide open space to allow kids to roam a bit yet be safe.  So as a parent you can RELAX a bit (that magic word that you rarely hear as a parent).  And the kids have fun yet are not going to head home over stimulated and cranky.

Kids are also welcome during normal dining at First Edition, and in fact they are encouraged. Kids Eat for Free at dinner if adults purchase at least two courses (definitely not hard to do).  This is a good option for when you want a fancy night out even though you have your kids with you.


What:  First Edition, themed high teas for children

Where:  Level 1, Novotel Canberra, 65 Northbourne Ave, Canberra

Phone:  02 6245 5000

Facebook:   @firstedition

Cost for Kids High Tea:  Adults $25, kids 2-5 $35, kids under 2 free

Entertainment Book:  25% off the total bill up to $40

Suitable for: Dining with kids, a relaxed night out, visiting from Canberra or right before a trip (above the bus station)

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