Hoskinstown Mother’s Day Chestnut Roast

Chestnuts at Tweenhills, Hoskinstown

MD. What are you planning to do?  Go out to a crowded restaurant and spend a lot of money?  What about a drive out in the country instead?  That’s what we will be doing.  And there will be chestnuts. Lots of chestnuts – a celebration of Autumn’s bounty.

Hoskinstown. It is a place that is close to my heart.  My husband used to live there before I lured him ‘in town’ to my apartment.  We celebrated our wedding in the war memorial hall, with guests alternating between dancing and karaoke inside in the 1920s building and warming themselves by the fire pit outside under the stars.

You’ve probably got no idea where it is.

Neither did I before I met my husband.

Hoskinstown is not far from Canberra.  Not far at all – just over 20 minutes out of Queanbeyan and a beautiful drive on a crisp, Autumn day.  Like the forecast sunny weather on Mother’s Day tomorrow.

John and Heather Kane have a chestnut farm in Hoskinstown called Tweenhills.  You may have met them at the Fyshwick markets – they will be back there soon.  But this Sunday they will be at Hoskinstown for the chestnut roast.

What’s on?

Well, you can buy chestnuts freshly roasted by John and Heather. Or you can buy a bag or two of fresh chestnuts to take home to cook yourself.

You can support the local Rural Fire Service brigade by buying sausage from the sausage sizzle.  My big tip is to top with homemade tomato and chestnut relish.  Starve all day and eat double for lunch. Well, maybe not.  But leave space for these as they are seriously very good.

There will be market stalls, and music and even cooking demonstrations.

Most of all, you will experience country, community spirit. It is a fun day out, and all are welcome. Why don’t you pop by to check it out?

What: Hoskinstown Chestnut Roast

Where: Hoskinstown War Memorial Hall (1697 Hoskinstown Rd, Hoskinstown, New South Wales)

Time: 10am to 3.00pm

Date: Always Mother’s Day – this year, Sunday 12 May

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