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Me with my fiance, Neil, at Diner en Blanc at the National Arboretum, Canberra
Me with my fiance, Neil, at Diner en Blanc at the National Arboretum, Canberra. Oh, what a night!  (Photo courtesy of Erna @simplycheecky

Why blog? Why blog about Australia? Or indeed Canberra?

澳大利亚哪里好玩? 有什么好吃的? 除了Sydney之外,还有哪里去看?

This blog captures all the things that I love about my life in Australia: the places I like to eat, the wine I like to drink and the places I like to go.

My partner and I run an AirBnB in Canberra’s inner north, and I wanted to have a space to tell people about places I recommend they go to.  Most places are good value and centre around my hometown of Canberra.  Some are exceptional experiences that are worth spending money on.

这个部落格的目的是推荐我跟男友喜欢的餐厅跟地方。我们欢迎许多客人来我们的家。他们问我:去哪里吃? 该看什么?坎培理有没有好玩的地方? 有。 肯定有。我很人心想介绍澳大利亚的美。

Hey, aren’t your frugal?

Yep, I also blog and write about frugal lifestyle at The Joyful Frugalista.  I proudly live a lifestyle that encourages saving money. I also seek to live a fabulous life, to enjoy the moment and especially, and enjoy the beauty of my hometown of Canberra and other travels.   My partner and I socialise a lot and when we eat out, we like to go to places that are good value and provide a good product.   Deciding to open a restaurant is a labour of love, and I love the way that the Canberra food scene has really taken off.

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